Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

Save the World

Addresses one or more of the following:

  • MITIGATION: Reduce emissions and remove CO2 from the atmosphere
  • ADAPTATION: Make sure people can still live on earth in the face of rising temperatures
  • RESTORATION: Repair damage done to the planet


Has all of the following:

  • DIRECT IMPACT/PROFIT ALIGNMENT: Business model alignment with above goals
  • GIANT TAM: $100 Billion+ TAM targets
  • BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY: Innovative and defensible new solutions or technology
  • STRONG TEAM: Teams that are both technical and business savvy
  • RIGHT TIMING: Compelling reason(s) that address "why is now the right time?"

If that sounds like you, head over to our For Founders page to submit your startup!

For Founders

Investment stage

Focused at investing at the earliest stages (pre-seed & seed focused). Opportunistically will invest in incredible companies at other stages.

Investment decisions

Exponential Impact establishes Investment Committees in partnership with the experienced investors at Climate Capital and C3 (Climate Capital Collective) to review and approve investments.

Investment strategy

We expect to deploy $25k-$100K checks in pre-seed companies and $100K+ checks into seed-stage companies, depending on fund size. For larger allocations, EIRF will partner with C3 to syndicate allocations as large as $1M.

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