Exponential invests in companies that have the potential to save the world (literally)

Focused on frontier technology companies, especially synthetic biology, that can provide radically effective solutions for climate change.

Climate change is an ~80 trillion dollar market opportunity disguised as an existential crisis. Reaching net zero emissions, removing CO2 from the atmosphere, and buying time to avoid the worst climate disasters and repair damage done will require paradigm shifts across all industries. Energy generation, transportation, manufacturing, and food production are the largest emitters globally and change in any of them represent multi-trillion dollar market opportunities.

Frontier Technologies

frontier tech” describes industries pushing the boundaries of technological capabilities and adoption, including synthetic biology, robotics, autonomous vehicles, space, and genomics. These are the exponential solutions that will allow hardest to decarbonize sectors of the economy to become sustainable.

Frontier technologies are making the previously impossible, possible. These new technologies are not only more sustainable but are more profitable, beating legacy systems on cost, efficiency, and performance.

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology, or “synbio” creates new biological systems, devices, and parts; redesigning systems already found in nature. We have a specific focus on synthetic biology as an underinvested in climate solution set with huge market potential.

  • Synbio made products are often carbon negative, using CO2 as a feedstock.
  • 60% of the physical inputs to the global economy can be made by biology replacing dirty inputs with cheaper, more efficient, and carbon negative solutions.
  • The bioeconomy is projected to be worth $30 Trillion by 2050.

Why Now

Climate change is a forcing function, accelerating the pace of change and a market ‘pull’ for frontier technologies. Today global GDP is $90 Trillion and is >90% powered by fossil fuels. By 2050 global GDP is expected to double and <10% powered by fossil fuels.

The ‘push’ is technological democratization. The cost to start a frontier tech company has never been lower and the ‘design, build, test, learn’ cycle times have never been faster. Historically any period of ‘democratization’ has resulted in exceptional investment returns. Over the past 15 years, the average time to unicorn status for climate tech companies has dropped from 10 years to 4 years and over 60% of those unicorns are frontier tech companies.

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